HOT Prices on Popular Phone and Tablet Screens.
  • iPhone 4 - $40
  • iPhone 5, 5S, 5C - $50
  • iPhone SE - $55
  • iPhone 6 - $60
  • iPhone 6 plus - $65
  • iPhone 6S - $65
  • iPhone 6S plus - $70
  • iPhone 7 - $75
  • iPhone 7 plus - $85
  • iPhone 8 - $80
  • iPhone 8 plus - $90
  • iPhone X - $220
  • ​Most iPad screens from $50-$100

90 Day Warranty
on all Repairs!
General Repair Services
We offer very competitive service rates and most repairs can be completed in only 1-3 business days and many can be done same day! Quotes are always free and there a very few items we cannot fix. If it plugs in or takes batteries we've got you covered.​​

Our service rate does not include parts or materials.

Please note that we will NOT need your monitor, mouse, keyboard, power cords, etc when you bring in your computer. (unless those items need repaired or you're having a problem with them.)

For all items with such as laptops, phones, tablets, etc. we WILL need your power adapter. 

We will give you a repair estimate before performing any work. Please call or bring item in for a quote for anything not listed below.

TV's - LCD or Plasma Flat screens with good screens.
Cd, Dvd, & Blue Ray disc players
Game consoles - Xbox, Playstation, & Nintendo.
Handheld/Portable game devices.
Cameras (except lenses)
Radios, Scanners, Walkies, etc.

Got an old or broken TV or computer? We are always looking for items for parts and to refurbish saving you the expense of a trip to the landfill. Contact us for info.

Don't have transportation? We offer pickup and delivery too.
Phones, Tablets, & Portable Devices
General Repair for Most Portable Devices - $20-$60
  • Screen repair/replacement
  • Power, USB, Headphone/Microphone jack
  • Broken or non-functional Buttons
  • Speaker or Microphone repair​

Computer Services
Spyware or Virus Cleaning / Removal - $40-$60

If your computer is running slow or you are getting random pop-ups your PC may be infected. This service includes virus removal, spyware cleaning, operating system and driver updates & patches, and system cleaning & optimization.

Upgrades or Component Replacement - $40

Includes installation and testing of the following:
  • Memory ,RAM & CPU's
  • Video cards, Sound cards, 3D accelerators.
  • Power supplies & System cooling
  • Network adapters
  • USB devices such as printers, wifi adapters, etc.
  • Main system boards (may require OS install)
  • New computer setup using backup from old system

Hard drives and Operating Systems - $50-$75

Hard drive upgrade or replacement including Windows, OS-X, or Linux Installation / upgrade. We will setup your operating system, install all updates, drivers, & patches. Note: we will need your operating system disks if available and your operating system serial number.

Laptop Specific Services
  • Broken screen repair - $30-$50
  • Power Jack replacement - $40
  • Keyboard/Touchpad - $25
  • All others as priced above.

Amplifiers & Musical Equipment
Vintage and Modern Tube & Solid State Amplifiers
  • Noise problems including Static, AC Hum, Motorboating, Etc.
  • 3 Prong Grounded AC Power cord upgrades.
  • Controls including Buttons, Toggle Switches, and Knobs (potentionmeters)
  • Vintage gear overhauls such as replacing old, worn, or damaged components.
  • Tube replacement and Biasing

Modifications to Amps, Guitars, and Effect Pedals
  • Tone circuitry and controls
  • Tube and transformer modifications
  • Pickups and various pickup selector switch and control modifications
  • Adding effect loop send and recieve 
  • Want something unique or not listed call or email us!